Last updated 2016-01-20

Do you need to be concerned about your password?  Perhaps you don’t do any on-line banking and feel pretty safe. Check out the information at  just to be safe.


1. Worst passwords are based on words.
Just do a web search on the “most common passwords”
2. Next come passwords based on a keyboard pattern. (such as QWERTY)
3. Best passwords are based on a mnemonic or acronym.
Truly great passwords have uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters. Some sites restrict which special characters you use, so the following example may not work at all sites.

Try something like this:
My two most favorite teachers were Miss Sachs and Dr. Lo.
Now we convert that to an acronym and get:

Of course you won’t use my example, you’ll use something else. Use a favorite Bible verse, a verse from a song, a couple of lines from a poem. Anything to be different.

Write it down. But put it somewhere fairly safe. Not next to your computer.

Change your passwords at least once a year. Don’t use the same password for everything.  For high risk accounts (bank accounts or anything to do with money) change the account password about once a quarter.

You can also use the online password generators. These sites generate a complex and quite random string of characters. Try this site.