Microsoft Maintenance Schedule


Microsoft updates are issued on the second Tuesday of the month.  (Known as “patch Tuesday”)

Reg Hunter and Spy Hunter seem to be useful. Admittedly, they flag certain situations as “problems” when the situation is not really that serious. But they do fix certain problems that no other packages seem to address.

Norton 360 protects the PC very well. Admittedly, Norton 360 uses a lot of resources.  I think that the real time nature of Norton’s protection is worth it compared to some other packages that only run when you click on “scan”.


Recommended routine for all  Microsoft machines. Execute on second Tuesday of the month.  Occasionally MS issues patches on the fourth Tuesday of the month. If you have not run this procedure recently, It may take a long time.

  1.  If Microsoft patches are available, take the patches and update the computer.
  2. Reboot and make sure the patches are in place and working. After rebooting check for more patches. It may take more than one reboot.

Occasionally Microsoft releases an update that is not well tested. When this happens, your computer has downloaded a patch that won’t install.

See Microsoft release info info: at
  1.  Run scans one at a time.
    1. Reg Hunter
    2. Spy Hunter
    3. Norton 360
      1. Get live update
      2. Scan
  2. Disk Cleaner or CCleaner
  3. Defrag
  4. Reboot