Failover – Recovery

Last updated 2016-01-20

Web server
I don’t think that we need to do much to bring the web server side up.

1. Just go to /root/wordpress-supporrt and run each .rst script.
2. Go to the gateway and change the ip address inside the firewall for webservices. Your website will be up to date as of the last “recover” which, if you did everything according to plan, will be less than 24 hours.

You should be live in just seconds.

Email Server
I feel a little less comfortable with the email side, but I can’t see any places that we need to make changes in the config files or any hard coded stuff. Changes to the gate way appear to be enough to make the fail over server go to live status.

Of course all of this “goes out the window” when we switch to ipv6. I’m not sure, but it looks like the DNS server will have to be changed, then wait for that to propagate.

Up in the country.